Social Media Site Gab Sues Google After Their App is Removed From the Google Play Store


Does Google Have the Right to Remove Gab?

About a week ago news broke that social media site Gab is filing suit again Google after their app was removed from the Google Play App Store. Google claims to have pulled the social media app Gab because it violated their hate speech guide lines. Gab is a social media application like Twitter, and Gab promoted free speech as long as it didn’t pertain to anything illegal. The hate speech that Google removed the app for was user generated content, which means that Gab itself did not post anything resembling hate speech but was removed for things it’s users posted on the app. Gab has filed Suit for damages and claims that Google removed them to get rid of competition and that this is an unfair business practice. It is hypocritical that Google would remove Gab for hate speech when it was users that created the controversial topics. You can go on YouTube (a Google owned company) and go in the comments of almost any video and find hate speech. Gab and Google are both American companies and it is hypocritical for Google to ban an app for “hate speech” while allowing  the same “hate speech” on their own apps. They do not ban users on their own site YouTube for hate speech and YouTube is still available on the app store, same with Facebook and Twitter. You can find user generated “hate speech” on these apps and really any social media app, it is impossible to censor the internet. It seems like Gab’s suit is legitimate and we will see how it plays out in the coming months.

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