Trump Signs Executive Order to Cut Off Funding to North Korea

Today Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchic gave a press briefing in New York

Mnuchin says President Donald J Trump “signed an executive order that strengthened the U.S. government’s ability to cut off funding to the North Korean regime and its weapons development program.” North Korea has been threatening The United States and it’s allies for too many years with nuclear weapons, and president Trump is taking actions to cut off their funding. President Trump signed this executive order just two days after his powerful UN speech. In today’s press conference Mnuchin said “Foreign financial institutions are now on notice that, going forward, they can choose to do business with the United States or with North Korea, but not both. This new executive order enables Treasury to freeze assets of anyone conducting significant trade in goods, services, or technology with North Korea.” This is very good news and it is great to see president Trump take action to cut off funding to a country that chooses to spend money on weapons of mass destruction, rather than feeding its thousands of starving people. China will most likely be affected the most from this executive order, but Mcuchin said he had already contacted Governor Zhou at the People’s Bank of China and informed them of the executive order. We will see how this executive order affects China’s economy going forward, but North Korea currently is a threat to all of humanity and it is great to see president Trump take action to defund them.


Trump’s Powerful UN Speech:


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