Chicago Police Officers Reprimanded for Political Social Media Posts Responding to The Recent NFL Controversy

These Chicago Police Officers Has Been Reprimanded After Posting These Pictures on Social Media




The Chicago Tribune reports that these three officers have been reprimanded for posting the photos above on social media. “Chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said all three officers have been given reprimands for violating department rules that prohibit them from participating in any partisan political campaign or activity while on duty. It is among the lightest punishment an officer can face.” It seems these three officers will not be punished too harshly, and although these reprimands may seem ridiculous the officers technically violated department rules. Details of the reprimands are not public but hopefully these reprimands are as minor as Anthony Guglielmi makes them sound, and these officers can get back to serving the community and providing for their families. The Chicago Police Department is making a clear statement that they do not want their officers making political statement while in uniform. Form your own opinions, share your thoughts, and get loud! Stand for what you believe in, we can make a difference together.


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