Beverly Hills Antifa Posts Video of Hilarious Fight Between Two Antifa Members

Beverly Hills Antifa Posted a Hilarious Video of Two Antifa Members Fighting Over One of the Members Race

On Monday Beverly Hills Antifa posted a video of a fight between two of their members. And yes you heard that right, that woman really yelled “You’re still white you’re still responsible. This is your fault you’re inherently racist” at one of their own members. Some members in Antifa really seem to just dislike white people “Go punch a Nazi” punching people doesn’t help Antifa it just makes them look like a radical group to any sane person. The best way to promote change is to have conversation and learn from one another not to punch whoever you deem to be a “Nazi”. The woman in this video is the real Nazi the man she is yelling at keeps trying to convince her that he’s on her side. If members of Antifa continue to attack their own members for not physically harming people Antifa will likely destroy itself. I have never met or seen a Nazi in my entire life so I don’t know what Nazi’s this woman is talking about, chances are she’s never met a real Nazi, just people she’s labeled as Nazi’s to excuse her poor behavior. It is not acceptable to physically harm anyone because of what they believe, even if they are an actual Nazi. Antifa has been in the news a lot lately because of their members acting poorly and inciting violence upon “Nazis”, “Nazis” being people who are white or disagree with them. It is insane how a many people are in Antifa and think it’s acceptable to attack people they disagree with. Yelling at a white man for being white IS RACIST LADY. Form your own opinions, share your thoughts, and get loud! Stand for what you believe in, we can make a difference together.


Steven Crowder recently released a video exposing radical members of Antifa

UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed!


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