October 2017 Will Be National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Today President Donald J. Trump Announced That October 2017 Will Be National Disability Employment Awareness Month

“Every American who is willing and able to work should have the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.  This includes the 30 million American adults with disabilities.  Many Americans with disabilities struggle to find employment opportunities, despite the wealth of skills they have to offer.  In 2016, only 27.7 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities were employed.” In just two days it will be October, and we will officially be in the just proclaimed disability employment awareness month. A vast majority of Americans with disabilities are unemployed and this is an problem that most American’s do not talk about or are aware of. I personally was not aware of this and I am glad to see our president make this announcement, more Americans should be aware of issues like this. This is a ridiculously low percent of disabled Americans to have employed, and it is great to see that President Trump is bringing awareness to real issues like this. Form your own opinions, share your thoughts, and get loud! Stand for what you believe in, we can make a difference together.


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