China Funds Movies to Subconsciously Influence YOU

China has been pumping money into Hollywood to make American films pro-China, in an attempt to influence the public’s opinion of China. Because of massive funding from China Hollywood movies have gone as far as completely changing parts of their scripts to paint China in a positive light and include more Chinese actors. The Washington Post reports “The Chinese box office is on pace to soon surpass the U.S. as the world’s biggest market, perhaps next year.” Making movies that are more pro-Chinese allows them to be successful in America and China, but there are many ethical concerns. Many American movies portray a corrupt American government, but with this influence from China will major block-buster films always portray China positively. And they even admit that this is an effort to influence the public. Today reports that China funds “hundreds of millions of dollars” to Hollywood movies to push their agenda:

What to Make of This

It is vitally important to realize that outside forces are funding movies and other sources of entertainment to push their agendas. Movies are entertainment and we should enjoy them, but don’t let movies influence your decision and acknowledge the entities could dump millions of dollars into a movie so that the plot supports their social or political agenda. It is psychological warfare and as the video by Today showed, China pumped lots of money into Iron Man 3 to make the Chinese look good. It is very important for the public to realize movies and entertainment are being manipulated to influence you, and it’s not just China, a majority of the Netflix original series are clearly pushing political agendas. Just don’t let entertainment change your perspective of the world or influence decision making, enjoy your movie and escape reality and don’t drag the messages the movie-makers are being paid to promote into reality.


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