Film Producer & Big Hillary Donor Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Harassment


Film producer and big Hillary Clinton donor Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment. The New York Times broke this story on Thursday, (October 5, 2017) and reports that Weinstein has been sexually harassing actresses, employees, and other women around him for years. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines sexual harassment as “Harassment can include ‘sexual harassment’ or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, and can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex.” Weinstein has now taken a leave of absence to “deal with these issues head on.” The Weinstein company board said they will be investigating these claims, and we will likely see this taken to court very soon.


Sexual harassment accusations have been made about Weinstein in the past stretching back as far as 1990 but have gotten no where, and many of the victims have been paid off to keep quiet. So many allegations in fact it’s a total shock that he has done this and that he hasn’t faced any consequences outside of paying people off to keep quite. The many allegations against Weinstein all claim that he would have private meetings with actresses in a hotel room where he would attempt to pressure them into giving him a massages while he was naked, asking them to undress, and partake in other inappropriate activities. Many of the women who were usually young aspiring actresses would give into his requests, and later when they would try to come out about these events they were paid to keep quiet. Many of Weinstein’s current and former employees have stated that they knew about this inappropriate conduct and that Weinstein enforced a code of silence.

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Weinstein hosted fundraisers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year. The Washington Times reported on June 20, 2016 that Weinstein would be hosting a second fundraiser for Hillary and that he personally donated over $250,000 to her campaign.

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Weinstein with former president Barack Obama and New York Senator Chuck Schumer

Harvey Weinstein Hosts a Private Dinner and Screening of "Bobby" for Senators Obama and Schumer


Fox News anchor Lauren Sivan even said Weinstein masturbated in front of her after she denied multiple advances in 2007. The full article is on HuffPost which Lauren Sivan says is accurate, link to the full article is below, here’s the tweet:

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Breitbart reports that president Donald Trump said “I’ve known Harvey Weinstein for a long time, I’m not surprised at all to see it.” To reiterate it is a shock that Weinstein hasn’t faced any real consequences for his horrible actions over the span of decades. Trump clearly eludes that he knew of this harassment transpiring and hopefully Weinstein will face some sort of punishment for his actions.

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Yahoo News reports that Weinstein is planning to sue the New York Times for 50 million dollars, this came out Thursday the same day that the report broke. Weinstein’s attorney Charles Harder said that the New York Times story was “saturated with false and defamatory statements about Harvey Weinstein.” Harder also said “All proceed’s will be donated to women’s organizations.” Perhaps he’s hoping to cash out on the possibility that specific claims of the New York Times article may have been inaccurate. However Weinstein released this statement to the New York Times after their article was released in which he clearly seems to admit guilt (click here). He says he’s been working on these issues for 10 years, which would also suggest that he has been sexually harassing people for years as the New York Times reported.

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Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a fair trial. That being said there are a shocking amount of claims against Mr. Weinstein and once this goes to the courts more dirt may be uncovered. There are ton of claims and that is just what we know about from the people speaking up, if this many women have spoken up about being harassed how many are still silent? Assuming that these claims are true Weinstein has been harassing women for decades. And why are all these claims coming out now when they’ve been able to keep them silent for years, perhaps this is just how things worked out or perhaps some political friends were keeping Weinsteins acts from reaching the public. I am not trying to push a conspiracy theory but this is a serious question, our own commander and chief said he was not surprised to hear the news so if Trump was not surprised, was former president Barack Obama really unaware? Or was he and/or other politicians protecting Weinstein because he’s made numerous big donations. Share your thoughts, form your own opinions, and get loud.



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