Racist Halloween Costumes: The Politically Correct’s Attempt to Ruin Halloween

With Halloween around the corner many news outlets and blogs are taking the opportunity to inform the public on what costumes are “culturally appropriate”. In 2017 we should all know better than to wear anything that would offend anyone so elitedaily.com today released there list of racist costumes with the headline

Lets dive right in,


1. Any Type Of Blackface


This one is the most common sense and actually racist costume on the list. If your costume idea is literally going blackface you’re probably an actual racist, totally ignorant to main stream culture, or you are a fire starter. Elite Daily also says “any costume that relates to the shooting of an African-American by a police officer is off the table” and it should be. I don’t think it’s acceptable to be openly racist and make fun of people who have literally died as a joke. I do however think that dressing up as a black hero is acceptable if you are not black. For example if your kid wants to dress up like Marvel Comic’s Black Panther, I don’t see a problem with that just don’t paint his face black. This is totally cool and acceptable in my book

Black Panther Costume Kids Superhero Halloween Fancy Dress


2. The Native American “Look”


This is where the list goes from reasonable to ridiculous. How is dressing up like a Native American bad? I have Native American ancestors and I would never get offended by someone dressing up as a Native American. Halloween is the one day out of the year where you get to dress up as whatever, have fun, and even appreciate other cultures. Maybe it would be racist if someone painted their skin, or wore a costume that in some way made fun of the Native American’s that got slaughtered in war; however there is nothing inherently racist in dressing up as a Native American. Just like there is nothing racist about putting on a tricorne hat and dressing up like an old Englishman, or wearing a flat cap and kilt and dressing up like a Irishman.


3. Mexicans Or Dias De Los Muertos Costumes



“It’s probably not a great idea to pull out your Mexican poncho, sombrero, and fake mustache and call yourself an authentic ‘Mexican.'”

If you want to throw on a sombrero and a poncho, then drink some (awesome) Mexican tequila at a party that is in no way inherently racist. When people and children (who by the way don’t even know what racism is) are dressing up for Halloween they are not claiming to be an authentic Mexican, or Native American that is why it is called a costume. Just because people associate a sombrero or Dias De Los Muertos makeup with Mexicans doesn’t make it racist. The article uses this as an example of a racist Halloween costume:


4. Don’t Pull A Katy Perry And Be A Geisha


This is one of the times it is actually acceptable to paint your face because from what I found on Wikipedia these Japanese entertainers known as Geisha’s actually paint themselves white. I don’t have much else to add to this, again acknowledging other cultures is not inherently racist.


5. Don’t Even Consider A Terrorist Costume


This one is just absolutely hilarious… Elite Daily uses this picture of a guy with fake bombs strapped to his chest and says

“A Middle Eastern terrorist costume is offensive on many levels. It not only reduces an entire group of people to a stereotype, but it also reduces a culture to the assumption that they all participate in extremist mass destruction.”

This is just false, just like when people wear sombreros, or a Irish Kilt. 99.9% of people don’t assume that all Mexicans wear sombreros, that all Irish people wear kilts, or that all Middle Easterners are terrorists it’s a costume. There is nothing wrong with having fun with your Halloween costume.


Don’t let the overly sensitive politically correct ruin your Halloween!

The article ends with

“This year for Halloween, let’s be better and call out our friends and family when we see an insensitive costume, and let’s carry on this tradition of creating new and innovative ideas that don’t exploit cultures each following year.”

What a powerful message lets call out our friends and family for wearing Halloween costumes that have been acceptable for decades because we want to virtue signal that we are not racists. As long as you are not making fun of a culture there is nothing wrong with your Halloween costume. There is nothing inherently racist about most of the costumes in this article.

Halloween is more of a holiday for the children, many adults dress up every year and go to parties but this holiday is primarily for children. Children don’t see race and they want to dress up like the people they idolize, stop trying to take the fun out of their holiday and away from the kids so you can virtue signal and show how not racist you are.

These cry baby virtue signalers are the real racists, they are assuming that wearing a piece of clothing that came from a culture other than your own is racist. Don’t give in to this Social Justice garbage this Halloween, wear whatever you want and let your kids dress up as whatever they want to be.

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