Joe Biden Exposed As A Creep, And He Is Opening Centers For Sexual Assault Survivors

Joe Bidden Creepy.jpg


On Monday November 13th Entertainment Weekly published an article about how former Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga are teaming up to set up trauma centers for victims of sexual assault.


“ ‘The Vice President and Lady Gaga share an interest in addressing the long-term physical and emotional effects of trauma and they have been discussing what to do about it,’ a spokesperson for Biden tells EW.”


That sounds great… until you see these clips where Joe Biden is exposed as a total creep who has probably caused trauma to women and children! On Monday November 13th Journalist Richard Armande Mills made a thread of tweets showing numerous clips where Joe Biden is getting a little too comfortable around women, and particularly children.



In the comments of that tweet Mills posted a abundance of videos showing Joe Biden’s awkward exchanges children and women on camera. Here are just a couple:




Joe Biden also had this weird hug with Hillary Clinton, where after Hillary lets go of Joe he keeps her arms around her for an uncomfortable amount of time:



These are just a few examples but in the comments of the original tweet, Mills has a thread of about 30 clips and articles where Biden exhibits similar strange behavior (mostly around children). Biden’s behavior is totally abnormal, he usually holds onto children and women for an awkward amount of time and usually manages to sniff their hair once or twice while holding them. In the clips you can see the children and women he’s hold feel very uncomfortable, it’s uncomfortable to watch these clips I cannot imagine how these people felt afterwards. Any decent man would not hold women or children the way Joe Biden does, unless it was your girlfriend or child. And who holds a women, that they don’t/barely know, by the chest, smells their hair, and pulls them back in when they begin pulling away from you? Biden’s behavior does not follow any social norms.


Entertainment Weekly quotes Biden saying:


“So many brave women [victims of sexual predators] have come forward, and it’s hard to come forward… don’t let this slow up. This is time to fundamentally change the culture of how women are treated in American society,”


The victims of sexual predators should be praised for coming out and exposing the evil people who have abused them, and they should! But Biden acts as though there is a predatory culture in American society, and there isn’t, there is only a predatory/rape culture in Hollywood and politics! The average American’s don’t experience any sort of rape culture, women coming forward will fundamentally change Hollywood and Political culture (not American culture). I hope more women come out and expose more of the predatory culture in Hollywood and politics; but don’t shine a bad light on all of American society, the Average Americans are good people who have morals and don’t act like predators around men, women, and children like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, you Joe Biden.

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